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Their grant of $5, funded the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership's (Estuary Partnership) Outdoor Science, Planting, and Recreation for Every Youth Program for two classes; a Now, as spring turns into summer, it's time to take the growth of the microfarm out farther into the local community.

A community workshop called "Aggregating. Northwoods Companion by John Bates is a must own for anyone visiting northern Wisconsin during the spring and/or summer. The writings are very insightful and very informative.

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A Northwoods Companion: spring and summer (Outdoor Essays & Reflections) A Northwoods Companion: spring and summer (Outdoor Essays & Reflections) by John Bates and John Lehman. Date: 21 NovRating: Not rated. Phenology: An Integrative Environmental Science (Tasks for Vegetation Science).

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Companion essay northwoods outdoor reflection spring summer
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Northwoods Companion: Spring & Summer by John Bates